Jean-Charles Brosse
Founder of PharmaBio MBD since 2006

Our Experience

Pharm D, MAE IAE / eq MBA, Health Economics


Sound knowledge of the varied healthcare areas and practices including:
pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics.


Particular experience 

Therapeutic areas: 

  • Dermatology
  • Neurology & psychiatry
  • Oncology & haematology
  • Fertility
  • ENT
  • Ophtalmology

Business fields: 

  • Drug in prescription and OTC includ. muscular pain, skin care
  • Medical device (ophthalmology, critical care monitor, skin repair)
  • Biotechnology (proteins carriers in diabetes and antibodies, R&D services)
  • Diagnostics

Marketing expertise

Broad experience of the role and tasks;

  • Market studies
  • Marketing strategy
  • Corporate strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Sales and promotion
  • Life-cycle management, product mix
  • Management

Business Development 

  • Product scouting,
  • Partnership 
  • Licensing in / out 
  • Commercial development (B to B)

International marketing and business experience (particularly in Europe, Canada, US)

Seasoned in company approach and contract negotiation

Key Opinion Leaders experience in building relations and driving projects

Project management experience